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Dartmoor National Park Authority News Release

18 January 2013

Heavy Snow Falls on Dartmoor

Dartmoor National Park Authority understands that people want to come and enjoy the snowy conditions on Dartmoor which are seasonal but infrequent in the southwest. We do however request the assistance of the public at what is a difficult time when resources are stretched. Snow falls of this scale cause great difficulty for Emergency Services, Highway Authorities and local residents. Farmers face particular difficulties as animals become trapped in snow drifts and require supplementary feed and water in these adverse conditions.

It is essential that at these times visitors do not venture beyond the “ROAD CLOSED” signs as they will hinder the clearance operation. Once the roads are clear the various agencies will endeavour to open up car parks and official access points as soon as possible.

Please use common sense if you are coming onto Dartmoor and follow these simple guidelines:-

  • Heed verbal advice and warnings from officials. Regularly monitor and act upon local media updates and weather reports.
  • Take adequate warm clothing, a shovel, blankets, food, and a hot drink. Be prepared for weather conditions to deteriorate rapidly.
  • Do not drive beyond “ROAD CLOSED” signs. The signs will be there for a reason. Additional traffic on roads that are closed hampers clearance operations as snow ploughs are unable to pass.
  • Use official car parks and lay-bys for parking.
  • Do not leave unattended vehicles on roadsides, verges or turning areas – even if the person in front of you decides to do so. This can cause log jams and emergency services may be hampered.
  • Do not obstruct gateways. Farmers need access to the fields in adverse weather to check on the welfare of animals. The lives of animals could be put at risk by inappropriate parking.
  • Do not enter private land for tobogganing without landowners’ permission.
  • Enjoy yourselves, be safe and take ALL LITTER home with you. 


For further information

Rob Steemson (Head Ranger)

Dartmoor National Park Authority

Tel: 07711 856206

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