Important Rare Bird Nesting Areas

Important Rare Bird Nesting Areas

The following overview map shows the most important Rare Bird Nesting Areas. To protect these vulnerable birds during the breeding season, 1st March to 15th July, please plan your routes to avoid the shaded areas. Be sure you know where these areas are. If crossing an area is essential, use existing paths and tracks, and do not linger, picnic or camp.

Key map of bird nesting areas

Note to Ten Tors Group Leaders: Please ensure that all participants have transferred these bird nesting areas on to the maps they are actually using.

For the eight more detailed maps, consult the overview map above and then click on the relevant links below (recommended for printing) or scroll down.

Map 1: Yes Tor area

Map 2: Steeperton Tor area

Map 3: Rattlebrook Hill to Lynch Tor area

Map 4: Fur Tor / Rough Tor area

Map 5: Headland Warren

Map 6: Longaford Tor / Powdermills area

Map 7: Hemsworthy Gate area

Map 8: Hanger Down area

Have You Seen These Birds?

Red grouse
Illustration of Red Grouse

Meadow pipit
Illustration of Meadow Pipit

Ring ouzel
Illustration of Ring Ouzel

Illustration of Sky Lark

Illustration of Wheatear

Moorland bird illustrations © DNPA

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