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Ecology, Geology and Wildlife Conservation

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 The Dartmoor National Park Authority's Ecology and Wildlife Conservation staff provide a service to support and facilitate the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment and wildlife of Dartmoor. This includes helping people to understand and enjoy Dartmoor's natural heritage in a sustainable way. We are also responsible for the Authority's statutory duties in matters affecting Dartmoor's wildlife and habitats - including various aspects of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (external link, opens new window), the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000,(external link, opens new window)  the Environment Act 2005 (external link, opens new window) and the European Habitats Directive 1994 (external link, opens new window).

We give advice both in-house (particularly to colleagues dealing with planning, trees and woodlands, land management, and recreation and tourism issues) and to members of the public (especially landowners). We also give advice on land restoration and habitat recreation, carry out and support research and undertake practical work to benefit both wildlife and people, including special project work.

We would like to help you to look after the wildlife on your land or in your community. If you would like wildlife information, advice or physical help contact the ecology section. Alternatively, see the Contact Us section for the entire Authority.

Page last updated: 18 Jun 2012
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