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Species – Dartmoor specialities

Image of Blue Ground Beetle

Blue Ground Beetle

Image of Vigur's Eyebright

Vigur's Eyebright

Pearl bordered fritillary butterfly

Pearl Bordered Fritillary

Because of the climate and diversity of habitats there is a great diversity of species. Dartmoor is also an important reserve for those species that can withstand harsher conditions including some very rare plants and animals. Dartmoor is particularly noted for rare lichens, butterflies and other insects. There are also many birds of moors, heaths and farmland to be found here.

Twenty-eight key species have been selected for particular conservation in Action for Wildlife: Biodiversity Action Plan for Dartmoor including some which are globally threatened and some which are popular and still widespread such as Dormouse, Buzzard and Wild Daffodil. Dartmoor is home to over 50% of Britain’s population of several globally threatened species including Greater Horseshoe Bat, Blue Ground Beetle, Bog Hoverfly and Flax-leaved St John’s-wort. There are nationally important populations of Otter, Dormouse, Cirl Bunting, High Brown Fritillary, Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Marsh Fritillary, Freshwater Shrimp and Deptford Pink within the National Park.

More information is available from The Nature of Dartmoor the Dartmoor Biodiversity Action Plan, Research, Survey & Monitoring and Action for Wildlife.

Page last updated: 25 Nov 2011