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Development Management

The Development Management team assesses whether an application is acceptable based on Government and local policies, and other relevant factors, and tries to balance the many and varied interests which can exist in even the most straightforward proposal. This involves:

  • giving advice and information on specific proposals and planning policies;
  • considering planning applications, applications for listed building consent, advertisement consent, or other consents;
  • monitoring developments to ensure that they are carried out as agreed and any amendments dealt with;
  • investigating apparent breaches of planning and taking enforcement action, where necessary.

For more detailed advice on Development Management and procedures, see the Development Management Charter or visit the Planning Portal website. 

Planning Portal

The Planning Portal is the national online resource, available free of charge.  It can be used for research, advice, to download documents and submit applications online.  There are details about appeals, planning policy and local plans, government guidance and a number of interactive guides, including an interactive house to demonstrate and explain householder permitted development rights.

Good Practice Guide

The Authority has adopted a Good Practice Guide which sets out guidance for the performance of its Development Management function.  It provides details of the role of Officers and the way in which Officers will assist Members in reaching decisions, as well as how they deal with delegated decisions.

Page last updated: 28 Jul 2015
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