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Search for a planning application

You can view all planning applications registered since 1 January 2005.

  • The progress of the application
  • Copies of application forms, plans and other documents accompanying planning applications (available within 5 working days of receipt)
  • The decision notices issued by the Authority

Please note : applications from before January 2005 will come up but documents will not be available to view.

Planning Alert System

You can now subscribe to receive email alerts for when a new planning application is registered by the Authority. You have the ability to define your search area either by address, parish, area or the whole national park.  Alerts are sent on a weekly basis and will contain a link to the planning documents area of our website.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

How to search for an application

As search information must match exactly what has been entered by us to bring up a result, it is often best just to search on the application code or if you haven't got the application code then a key part of the address can be added to the site location box (ie 34 Fore Street, search on Fore Street) together with the parish.

Commenting on a planning application

To comment on a planning application, search for the case you wish to comment on and then click on 'Comment on application' and complete the form.

Please note that under the terms of the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985, any correspondence on a planning application file can be made available to the applicant or other members of the public via the website.

Availability of documents

We aim to publish new planning applications on the online planning service, including the plans and documents associated with these applications within five working days of registering the application.

We are not able to guarantee that the electronic file record at every stage in the process is a full record of all application documents. This is because documents may be received in many different ways and formats, and at different stages in the process. There will therefore be occasions where not all the documents will be available to view through the website.

If a particular document you are looking for is not displayed, you may wish to try a few days later.

For help with printing a plan to for printing a plan to scale please see the guidelines for printing a plan to scale.

Please be aware some application files may be large, and so cannot be viewed as a whole document. In these cases you can view the information by selecting the thumbnails option instead of the whole document.

Having problems?

If you experience any problems please email, including as much information as possible, including the planning application number.

To view the electronic documents on the planning case files, your computer must be able to open PDF files.  If you have any difficulty viewing the documents the Adobe Acrobat Reader can be freely downloaded from:

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Search by map

View planning application map. Alternatively, you can use the interactive map where you can view planning applications by browsing a particular location.

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