Historic Dartmoor

Historic Dartmoor

Dartmoor’s rich, historic past dates back thousands of years and can be seen across its moorland landscape – the prehistoric archaeology of ceremonial and burial sites; the medieval farmsteads and field systems; and the remains of industrial activity. Help us to conserve these amazing historic features in a way that will enable more people to enjoy them. Money raised will help the following projects:stone cross

Laser scanning of stone crosses

Using the latest technology, we will scan and record Dartmoor’s stone crosses whereby 3D replica models will be made and then displayed in new locations, enabling the important archaeology to be accessible to all.

Bringing Dartmoor to the classroom


We will create replicas of archaeological items relating to a specific time period, which will then be put into a box and loaned out to schools who do not have the means to travel to Dartmoor, giving them a hands-on encounter with the past.

Preserving the future of the past

We will carry out conservation work on individual archaeological sites across Dartmoor which fall outside of the scheduled monuments category, but which are deemed of equal significance.stone cross

Here’s how your money could help: