Recreational Dartmoor

Recreational Dartmoor

There are miles of footpaths and bridleways across the National Park. Help us to maintain these popular recreational routes through path repairs, new signage and improved access. Money raised will help the following projects:

Repairing Nun’s Cross Path

After successfully repairing and improving a 3km section of the trail from Princetown to Nun’s Cross, we would now like to repair Nun’s Cross Farm to Eylesbarrow.

Route improvements and repairs to a 4km section of this popular walking and cycling route has already been part of the British Mountaineering Council’s Mend our Mountains crowdfunding project.

Relaunching the Two Moors Way gate

The Two Moors Way is a long-distance walking route (approx. 100 miles) crossing Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks.

Both the National Parks and Devon County Council are working together on path clearance and installing new signage, gates and stiles at various locations along the route, but there is much still to do.  Help us raise the funds to carry out these works and relaunch the long-distance route for its 40th anniversary this year.

Replacing stiles with gates

gate We have an ambition to remove stiles and replace them with gates across a network of public paths and trails, creating easier access for people with limited mobility and those walking with their dog.  You could help by donating money to replace a worn out gate, or donate a new gate.

Here’s how your money could help: