Hundreds of people enjoy canoeing on Dartmoor during the winter months each year, making it a popular destination for people from around the country.

Dartmoor National Park Authority welcomes canoeists to Dartmoor who undertake their recreational activity in a responsible manner and continues to actively work with Canoe England, riparian owners and fishing associations to facilitate access arrangements.

Please observe the parking restrictions that have been introduced around Newbridge. Show consideration for the local community and other National Park users when parking vehicles - do not obstruct gateways and roads.

Code of Conduct

Please respect other river users and landowners:

Safety advice

Abandoned or lost craft

Any abandoned craft, which are reported to the Police, have to be treated as an emergency and a search instigated. This often wastes valuable time and resources therefore, if you lose your boat and have safely come off the river please ensure the Police are immediately notified using the non emergency number 08452 777 444, providing:
exact location - including river,
canoe - colour make and type and any significant identification features
canoeist details and contact numbers.

Other useful websites

Canoe England
Dart Angling Association
Environment Agency