Starting Letterboxing

Starting Letterboxing

How do I start letterboxing?
Some letterboxes are fairly easy to find by following a set of straightforward clues, others with cryptic clues present more of a challenge! The charity letterbox ‘walks’ are great for first-timers. Most start close to car parks and it’s often possible to find all ten or so boxes in half a day.

If you know an experienced letterboxer, they will often be more than happy to take you out at first. Letterboxing requires little in the way of specialised equipment.  However you should bear in mind that Dartmoor is open country, and you should be dressed for the conditions with stout footwear and suitable clothing.

Beginners can get started with an ink pad and notebook or set of blank cards to collect impressions of the stamps you find.  Once you get more experienced you will probably want to obtain your own personal stamp to leave in the visitors book in each box.

Further information, and books to help you get started -

Anne Swinscow has written several popular guide books on Dartmoor Letterboxing: Dartmoor Letterboxes ISBN 0-9509114-2-9; More Dartmoor Letterboxes ISBN 0-9509114-1-0 ; 101 Dartmoor Letterboxes: But Not How to Find Them! (with John Howard) ISBN 0-9509114-3-7.

Janet Palmer has written a brief guide to Dartmoor Letterboxing: Let's Go Letterboxing: A Beginner's Guide (2nd revised edition) ISBN 1-898964-33-5.
Cranmere Pool: The First Dartmoor Letterbox by Chips Barber published by Obelisk Publications, UK (1994); ISBN 978-1-899073-03-0.

How do I put out my own letterbox?
Please remember that a user, and National Park friendly letterbox is sited:

Additionally please ensure:

If you are planning to run a charity letterbox walk please contact the National Park Authority, as there is an application system to ensure that walks of multiple boxes are sensitively sited and do not conflict with each other

Dartmoor National Park Authority, Parke, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ13 9JQ

Tel: (01626) 832093Fax: (01626) 834684

Letterbox 100 Club
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For catalogues:
Sylvia Moore
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For updates:
Malcolm Allderidge
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For membership enquiries (after finding 100 letterboxes):
Stephanie Paul
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For media enquiries about letterboxing:
Stephanie Paul
Lower Burrows, Shilstone Lane, Throwleigh, Okehampton, Devon EX20 2HX
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