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Audio Walk for Haytor

Smallacombe Rocks

The Haytor Audio Walk is a 6.3 mile (10 km) walk starting from the new Haytor Information Centre and offers stunning views over a changing landscape, as well as a flavour of Dartmoor’s cultural heritage.

The Audio Walk is divided into tracks which are then played when you reach each location, including Haytor Quarry, the Granite Tramway, Hound Tor Medieval Settlement, Houndtor Rocks and Haytor Rocks.

As an added bonus, the accompanying music on the soundtrack - "Poor Man’s Heaven" - is courtesy of local Dartmoor folk musician, Seth Lakeman (reproduced by kind permission of Seth Lakeman and EMI).

Please use the links below to download the individual tracks or alternatively, you can download the whole audio walk by going to the main Haytor Audio Walk page.

All downloads are in mp3 format and can be played using any audio player such as iTunes, Windows Media Player or Real Player. Left-click on the links to listen to the audio straight away, or download it onto your computer by right clicking the image and selecting 'save target as....'.

Title Link Help
Complete Audio Walk Complete Version sound icon (8.8Mb) Audio Help
Haytor Audio Walk Map Haytor Audio Walk map PDF icon (390kb) PDF Help
Haytor Audio Walk Transcript Haytor Audio Walk Transcript PDF icon (33.9Kb) PDF Help
Introduction Track One sound icon (749Kb) Audio Help
Haytor Quarry Track Two sound icon (1.10Mb) Audio Help
Granite Tramway Track Three sound icon (457Kb) Audio Help
Smallacombe Rocks Track Four sound icon (988Kb) Audio Help
Houndtor Medieval Village Track Five sound icon (606Kb) Audio Help
Hound Tor Rocks Track Six sound icon (643Kb) Audio Help
Circle of Stones Track Seven sound icon (227Kb) Audio Help
Holwell Lawn Track Eight sound icon (748Kb) Audio Help
Greator Rocks Track Nine sound icon (303Kb) Audio Help
Smallacombe Rocks Again... Track Ten sound icon (275Kb) Audio Help
Haytor Rocks
Track Eleven sound icon (662Kb) Audio Help

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