Dartmoor National Parks Fortnight Self Led Discovery Walking Trail

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A self-led challenge to tick off and photograph a ‘treasure trail’ of features that you may find on your local family walks.

This trail takes place throughout the duration of National Parks Fortnight and a private Facebook page will be available for you to join to share your discoveries with Shona and other families. If you prefer, Shona will love to hear of your experiences and finds via email.

The trail will help you to slow down on your walks and work together to notice the small things that can engage us with life all around us. If you are local enough to carry out most or all of this trail on Dartmoor then that is great. If this is not possible however, the trail can still be completed close to your home. The important thing is to get outside and explore the world around you as a family.

How to join

The trail will run for the full fortnight from 27th March until 11th April 2021. Open to families with children of all ages.

Contact Shona via shona@forthewild.co.uk or the link above to book your place.

Your Treasure Trail plus a link to join the private Facebook group will be sent to you via email. You can ask Shona questions during the challenge also.

The trail costs just £5 per family, including a donation made to Donate for Dartmoor for each family that attends.

During the trail stay within your comfort zone and experience levels when you venture out. Also be sure to follow any current government guidelines for Covid-19. Email Shona any time to share your discoveries or ask questions.

Location: Anywhere

Booking required: yes

Charge: £5.00