Discover Bats on Dartmoor & the surrounding area

Monday, 5 April 2021 at 14:30 - 16:00

Join Shona online for a live session to talk and learn about the bat species on and around Dartmoor.

Bats are an important indicator species, giving us clues as to the general health of habitats where they live. By taking care of bat conservation we also help many other species to thrive.

Bats are fascinating creatures and we are fortunate in South Devon to have some of the most important roosts for these amazing and often rare mammals.

Shona is running this as an online session via Private Youtube Live for now. Numbers are limited to allow families to get the most out of the session as possible. All being well we will be running this as a bat walk and talk for families as soon as possible, hopefully by mid to late summer.

The session will include a craft activity to create your own bat and moth masks. Instructions for materials required will be sent via email ahead of time to all who book.

Suitable for families with children up to Year 7 (11-12 years old).

Book your place

Contact Shona at for details of how to book. Joining and other instructions will be sent to you via email in advance.

The session is free to attend. We encourage each family that takes part to make a donation to Donate for Dartmoor if able, to support vital work to protect the special qualities of Dartmoor for the benefit of all.

Donate for Dartmoor

Location: Online

Booking required: yes

Charge: Free but donations welcomed