Return of the Flycatcher Procession

Sunday, 19 May 2019 at 11:00 - 11:30

Spring is in the air. It is a time for strange ancient customs to celebrate life and even stranger new ones!

Every year the pied flycatcher flies thousands of miles from West Africa to return to the woods of Dartmoor. Help us celebrate the return of the flycatcher King, who is late as usual! Using flags, streamers and artwork created by local school children, help us guide the flycatcher King back in to the woods at Yarner where he can be crowned King of the Flycatchers, and the cycle of life can begin again. Who is the Flycatcher and who will be his Queen?

Once crowned, the festivities begin in earnest as we are holding our Spring Woodland Festival at Yarner where there will be lots of family friendly activities to help you get closer to nature. There is a £2 charge to take part in the Woodland Festival.

Location: Procession takes place from the special event parking at Yarner House. Follow the Spring Woodland Festival signs on the Bovey to Haytor Road, turn off towards Yarner House and meet in the car park field

Booking required: no

Charge: £2 per person for the Spring Woodland Festival