Ian Brooker

  • How can you tell when summer has arrived on Dartmoor?
    All the wonderful birds return –Swallows, Wheatears, Ring Ouzels and of course our Pied Flycatchers. A great sight and makes you feel really privileged! Also the smell of the Moor changes!
  • Where is the perfect picnic spot in your patch?
    Black-a-Tor looking down into the West Okement Valley
  • What’s the best advice you give visitors to the park?
    All my advice is good hopefully but it’s great to help ‘guide’ people to get the best out of the area.
  • What would you like to see more of at this time of year?
    Greater, personal responsibility to avoid conflicts with other users and wildlife!
  • DormouseDartmoor has the best of?
  • How do you measure a ‘good day at work’?
    Actually achieving something that is tangible!
  • If I wasn’t a ranger I’d be a?
    Mountain guide

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