Moor Otters

The Moor Otters Arts Trail will be coming to Dartmoor in April 2021

81 stunning sculptures of otters with cubs - all designed and decorated by local and national artists - will have 'holiday homes' with businesses, community groups and in public areas across Dartmoor, in Plymouth and in gateway towns and villages.

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What it's all about

Moor Otters is a feel-good public arts project that gathers up young and old for an amazing journey of learning and discovery, creating stories and making memories.

This summer 81 decorated Otter with Cub sculptures will be released onto Dartmoor to create four arts trails, standing tall on plinths waiting to be spotted, there will also be a Mayflower trail in Plymouth and several otters in gateway towns and villages.

At the end of the summer ‘otter-spotters’ as well as art collectors and individuals, will have the opportunity to give their favourite Otter a new home when they are auctioned to raise funds for Donate for Dartmoor.

Moor Otters Arts Trail supporters

South West Water

"We are delighted to support this important conservation project. About 40% of our water supply comes from Dartmoor, and given that we work with nature to help deliver high quality drinking water to our customers, this is a natural partnership for a great cause.

We can all help nature by using less water. Every litre of water saved is a litre left in the environment. The less water we use, the more we can keep our rivers and streams flowing and nature thriving."

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Find out how we're making the Moor Otter Arts Trail as green as possible and how you can help.

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Past Projects

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