Out and About Essentials

Staying safe

Dartmoor is beautiful but can be wild (particularly in terms of  the weather!) so it’s sensible to take some precautions before visiting, especially if out walking in more remote areas.

Safety advice

Walking with your dog

Take Moor Care

Our mission is to conserve and sustain the National Park for all to enjoy but we do also need your help. We ask visitors to Dartmoor to respect the place they have come to enjoy, and please leave it as you find it by following the advice below:

  • Use stiles and gates to cross boundaries - do not climb walls or fences and make sure you close gates behind you
  • Don’t  pick up any strange or metal objects especially in or near a Range Danger Area. Report the location of anything suspicious to the Police
  • Keep away from all moorland livestock which can be unpredictable.  If you have a dog with you, keep it under close control and on a lead near livestock.  If cattle approach you, then let your dog go.
  • Pay attention to signs, e.g. advice to avoid hazards and sensitive habitats.
  • Drive carefully – Dartmoor’s roads can be a challenge; narrow in places with high banks and bends making it hard to see what’s round the corner.  You’re likely to meet animals as they are often on, or near, the road. Please watch your speed and drive according to the road and weather conditions.  Speed limits are there for the safety of all road users including livestock and wildlife.
  • Litter is unsightly, but not only that, it can cause fires and may injure people, livestock and wildlife. Please take your litter home or dispose of it responsibly.

Report a Path Problem

Report a problem on a public right of way