Neighbourhood Development Plans

Neighbourhood (Development) Plans (NDP) enable communities to shape development in their area through the creation of  their own 'local' planning policies and allocations of land for development in their parish. 

The Neighbourhood Plan process is prescribed by statute and while it can be quite hard work, can also be rewarding. Certain formal steps have to be taken to comply with the legislation contained in the Localism Act 2011.  These  include informal and formal consultation stages, independent examination as well as a local referendum.  Following a successful referendum (achieve 50+%) the Plan will be 'made' or adopted by the Local Planning Authority and used in the determination of planning applications and appeals. The preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan generally takes at least 2 years and can be significantly longer. 

If this sounds a little daunting, you can also influence new development on Dartmoor by getting involved in the current Local Plan Review.  This is the statutory development plan prepared by the Local Planning Authority working together with the local community and other stakeholders such as the housing and highways authorities.  

For those who are considering undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan and would like more detailed information, The following pages will be able to help you:

For information on which Dartmoor Parishes are already pursuing a Neighbourhood Plan, see Dartmoor Neighbourhood Plan Areas.