Affordable Housing SPD

Affordable Housing SPD

Draft Housing SPD

We are currently consulting on a draft Housing SPD to support the delivery of housing in the National Park. If adopted the Housing SPD will replace our Affordable Housing SPD. Find out more and have your say here:

>  Draft Housing SPD

Adopted Affordable Housing SPD

Our Affordable Housing guidance supports the housing policies in the local plan and provides guidance for applicants, agents and architects who are submitting planning applications for housing in the National Park. We will expect you to have considered this advice when putting together your planning application.

Affordable Housing SPD

> Affordable Housing SPD

If you are proposing a level of affordable housing which falls short of policy the Authority will require the application to be supported by a viability appraisal to demonstrate further affordable housing cannot be provided. The appraisal will need to be undertaken by a suitably qualified professional and should include the information in the below form.

> Development Viability Assessment

If you are a prospective tenant of an affordable home on Dartmoor and wish to establish whether you satisfy the eligible persons criteria set out in the Section 106 legal agreement restricting occupancy of the property, please complete the below questionnaire and return it to us.

> Eligible Household Questionnaire

Mutual Exchanges

The right to mutual exchange allows two or more social housing tenants to exchange their tenancies, and move permanently into each other's homes. Guidance on mutual exchanges, when they can occur and who is eligible, is available below:

> Mutual Exchanges: Guidance note