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Application no: 0322/16
Parish: Ashburton
Applicant: E & JW Glendinnings Ltd
Site address: Linhay Hill Quarry, Ashburton
Proposal: • Extension to the existing Linhay Hill Quarry for extraction of minerals and creation of new permanent landscaping bunds with associated landscaping, surface water management works and other environmental improvements on land adjacent to the quarry; Backfilling of overburden and quarry spoil from later stages of the quarry extension. • Closure and removal of a section of Alston Lane and junction onto the A38; Provision of a new road as a replacement for Alston Lane; Diversion of Ashburton footpath 16; Removal of existing accesses to Alston Farm and Lower Waye, and replacement with new accesses; Diversion of water supply pipe and relaying of existing underground telecommunication duct; • Widening of Balland Lane and alterations to the coach turning circle at South Dartmoor Community College, with temporary construction compound; • Flood mitigation works; Provision of public access and footpaths, with amenity area in walled garden. Provision of quarry viewpoint with information facilities and parking as appropriate. • Continuation of quarrying and all currently consented operations for 60 years after commencement of proposals, including retention of existing plant, equipment and buildings, for processing of minerals and recycled aggregates, manufacture of aggregate products and completion of existing tip. Extraction of minerals in existing and extended quarry to full extents to 0m AOD, Raising the sides of the existing settling pond to increase its capacity, and providing for its capping and subsequently for a temporary bund to screen mobile processing plant for final part of quarrying. • Progressive restoration and landscaping of the existing and extended quarry with provision for nature conservation, biodiversity and geology. • Following the cessation of quarrying, final Restoration to a combination of: amenity, informal recreation, and nature conservation in the main part of the extended quarry area with amenity area on part of capped Balland Pit and public access via circular path; and employment in the workshop area and part of capped Balland Pit. Ongoing management of the restored areas and after uses.
Case officer: James Aven
Target date for decision: 16/09/2016

Date and decision summary

Date valid Consultation end Decision date Decision/Status
17/06/2016 12/04/2019 Processing Processing
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