About the Year of Green Action

Year of Green Action 2019 logoThe Year of Green Action aims to encourage and promote events and activity that raises awareness of, and participation in, action that will benefit our environment.

It aims to inspire, to build momentum and to help us all understand how the choices we all make affect the environment. Together we can improve the environment through collective action.

The Year of Green Action was originally proposed in the 25 Year Environment Plan.

Throughout 2019 at Dartmoor National Park, we will be taking action to:


people to Dartmoor

Improving people’s understanding of the state of the environment, the benefits a healthy environment can bring, and the effect of their actions on the natural world.


Dartmoor’s special qualities

Helping communities and businesses to reduce their impact on the environment through greener decision-making.


by providing opportunities to volunteer

Inspiring people to enrich the environment, encouraging individuals and organisations to actively improve their local environment.

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