Ten Tors

Ten Tors is organised by the military. For official information about the event go to www.events.ex.ac.uk/tentors/

If you will be navigating across the high moor and want to find out more about the wild open space of Dartmoor get a copy of our Ten Tors Navigators Notes.

For more information about the Military on Dartmoor, have a look at the factsheet.

Top Ten Tors tips

Don’t disturb the birds!

The open moorland provides a breeding area for ground nesting birds, but if they get disturbed they can abandon their nests or young.  Make sure you know where the rare bird nesting areas are and plan your route to avoid them from 1 March - 31 July.

Maps showing rare bird nesting areas can be viewed here.

Copy these bird nesting areas on to the map you are actually using for Ten Tors.

TIP: The maps will print at 1:25 000 scale on A4 paper (but make sure you set your printer to 100% not 'fit to page'

GPX files (for use with handheld GPS units and other mapping devices) can be downloaded from the same page.

Watch out for bogs!

Our high moorland blanket bogs are a nationally important carbon reserve and an important store for water. We’re working to protect these precious resources and need your help. During your Ten Tors adventure avoid disturbing any of the peat barriers used to block the gullies that are draining the blanket bog.

Find out more about protecting Dartmoor’s blanket bogs.

Meet a Dartmoor farmer

Find out more about Dartmoor landscape and the people who live and work here by meeting one of our upland farmers. All Ten Tors groups have the chance to meet and talk to a Dartmoor farmer before one of their training days.

Phone the Dartmoor Hill Farm Project on 01626 890913 or email hfp@dartmoor.gov.uk

Spend more time on Dartmoor

If you like spending time on Dartmoor for Ten Tors why not come back and do some volunteering with us?

There are a range of activities available and it’s a great way to:

  • spend time on Dartmoor
  • contribute to the management of this unique landscape
  • get valuable experience and skills for work or college applications.

To find out about the amazing volunteering opportunities on Dartmoor phone 01626 832093 or email orutter@dartmoor.gov.uk