JUMP Joining up Moors and People

JUMP Joining up Moors and People

A collaboration

Working together JUMP, Joining Up Moors and People, was a collaboration through the iMayflower programme, Dartmoor National Park, Jane Coles on the Heritage MA and Mischa Price on the Smart Urban Futures MA course at The University of Plymouth.

Immersive Technology

The work for this project explored the use of immersive technology as a tool to make Dartmoor National Park more accessible for all. Through collaboration with Dartmoor National Park employees and members of the local community a 360° short film ‘A Dive Into Dartmoor’ was created, telling the story of Dartmoor as a water source.

Virtual Reality

As part of the project a virtual reality application was developed, giving people the chance to step into the 360° landscapes and to virtually hop to different corners of the National Park with just a wave of their hand.

These prototypes were a success with users reporting a strong sense of place and connection to Dartmoor, and saw more people interested in visiting the various sites on the National Park.

Dive into Dartmoor

A 360° short film telling the story of Dartmoor as a water source. Use the arrow keys in the top left corner to explore the full 360° scene

Overall this work will help to shape and catalyse Dartmoor’s approach to immersive experiences.