Ground nesting birds

Ground nesting birds

Don’t disturb the birds!

The open moorland provides a breeding area for ground nesting birds, but if they get disturbed they can abandon their nests or young.  Please be aware that they could be nesting anywhere on the open moorland and you must not disturb them from 1 March to 31 July.

Make sure you know where the rare bird nesting areas are and plan your route to avoid them during their nesting season.

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Maps showing rare bird nesting areas

Key map of bird nesting areas

Map 1: Yes Tor area
Map 2: Hangingstone Hill and Manga Hill area
Map 3: Tavy Cleave area
Map 4: Fur Tor and Rough Tor area
Map 5: Headland Warren
Map 6: Hemsworthy Gate area
Map 7: Hanger Down area

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Last reviewed August 2023 -  no changes made. Latest maps as per issue date, mainly Sept 2022.

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