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Recreational Dartmoor

There are 450 miles of footpaths and bridleways across the National Park. Donations will help maintain these routes through repairs, new signage and improved access.

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Natural Dartmoor

Dartmoor provides a home for a range of wildlife, and is also an important stronghold for some declining and threatened species. Donations help protect species and habitats.

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Historic Dartmoor

The archaeology of Dartmoor is very special. Evidence of how people have lived, worked and died in this landscape can still be seen. Your donation will help conserve these amazing features.

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General Fund

Donations made to our General Fund will be used for smaller, one-off projects throughout the National Park as and when they occur. Your donation to our General Fund will be used to make these happen.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Donate your time by volunteering for a variety of conservation projects - you will be helping us look after Dartmoor and you will learn more about the National Park by working alongside our Rangers, Ecologists and Archaeologists.