Teachers and educators

Resources for parents and teachers

These are complete programmes of study for an extended piece of work lasting several weeks in a school setting which explore some of Dartmoor’s special qualities. They are thoroughly explained and in depth to help parents who may find themselves at this time in the unfamiliar role of ‘teacher’ or for teachers who are in schools with key worker children.

The programmes of study come with downloadable resources, links to websites and YouTube videos to make this a rich learning experience for upper Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 3 (possibly 4).

Mires, Peat and Bogs Study

Delve into the depths of Dartmoor's mires and bogs and discover what peat has to do with climate change.

Learn about bogs

Bronze Age Dartmoor

Explore the key changes that brought an end to the Stone Age in Britain, the dawn of bronze, and how our ancestors lived and died on Dartmoor.

Discover the Bronze Age

Exploring Biodiversity

Find out why biodiversity is so important. Looking at it first from a global perspective, followed by a study of Dartmoor-specific examples.

Learn about biodiversity

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

As of 23 March 2020, in line with government advice, we are no longer delivering education guided walks and events on Dartmoor. Our team, both office and centre-based are now working from home.

We are in touch with all schools, organisations and groups who have booked in the coming weeks and months.