Plan a Lesson

Plan a Lesson

These are complete programmes of study for an extended piece of work lasting several weeks in a school setting which explore some of Dartmoor’s special qualities.

The programmes of study come with downloadable resources, links to websites and YouTube videos to make this a rich learning experience for upper Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 3 (possibly 4).

Bronze Age Dartmoor

Explore the key changes that brought an end to the Stone Age in Britain, the dawn of bronze, and how our ancestors lived and died on Dartmoor.

Discover the Bronze Age

Exploring Biodiversity

Find out why biodiversity is so important. Looking at it first from a global perspective, followed by a study of Dartmoor-specific examples.

Learn about biodiversity

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Discover the Dartmoor Story

Learn all about what makes this National Park so special, from its ancient beginnings to its rare wildlife and habitats.

Take me to the Dartmoor Story

The Dartmoor Farmer's Year

Follow life on three Dartmoor farms over the four seasons: bitter winter, busy springtime, sweltering summer and crisp autumn

Watch the Dartmoor Farmer's Year

Grab the popcorn!

Choose from a variety of films over on our YouTube channel that help to bring the Dartmoor Story to life.

Watch films

National Parks UK

If you want to find out more about other UK National Parks there are loads of free resources and lesson plans, some specifically for in the classroom or at home on the National Parks UK website.