How we work

We aim to conserve and enhance Dartmoor as a vibrant, living, working landscape and community.

We work in partnership with local and national stakeholders and support Dartmoor’s businesses and communities.


  • produce the Dartmoor National Park Management Plan – this five year strategic plan from 2014-2019 guides all our work for the future of Dartmoor
  • are the planning authority for Dartmoor dealing with all proposals which need planning permission or consent
  • promote sustainable development, and work with authorities and agencies concerned with the social and economic wellbeing of national park communities
  • protect, maintain and enhance natural habitats and areas of ecological significance, and advise on their protection and management
  • look after public access to the Park and maintain the footpath and bridleway network
  • provide the national park Ranger service
  • provide information about the park online, through leaflets and factsheets and in our information centres
  • run a guided walks and events programme to help everyone learn about and enjoy Dartmoor
  • protect, maintain and enhance sites of archaeological significance and advise on their protection and management
  • have an education service which provides information and guided walks to help young people understand and enjoy Dartmoor.

We aim to:

  • help to conserve and enhance the biodiversity, cultural heritage and landscape of Dartmoor
  • provide opportunities for people to enjoy the countryside and contribute to their health and wellbeing
  • support our local communities and the rural economy
  • be an efficient and effective organisation which works with partners to deliver the best outcome for Dartmoor.

The actions we will take to achieve these aims are explained in our Business Plan 2017-2018.