Planning Your Visit

Planning Your Visit

We'd like to welcome all visitors to Dartmoor.Pony outline in green heart, text says leave no trace give nature space

Discovering or rediscovering nature and wildlife has played a big part of many people’s lockdown life. We are asking people to Leave no trace. Give nature space.

We know that most people want to help us protect this special environment and it’s important to leave no trace of your visit. That way when you go, nature comes back and reclaims the space you left, making room for us all to share this special landscape.

Where to start

We recommend starting your trip at one of our award-winning Visitor Centres at Princetown, Postbridge and Haytor. Our friendly and knowledgeable, local staff can assist with making the most of your time on Dartmoor.

Wide, spectacular open vistas are a Dartmoor specialty but there is so much more to do here! Whether it’s a gentle stroll, an exhilarating mountain bike ride or a visit to a castle - discover walking options, activities and places on your Dartmoor doorstep.

With so much to see and do you will want to spend more time here. To book accommodation, campsites or find a good place to eat see Visit Dartmoor. Always book ahead, as it gets very busy.

Got a burning question? Check out our Visiting FAQs.

Car parks and toilets

If car parks are full, please do not park on verges, double yellow lines, in front of gates and entrances or anywhere on the road where you will block access. Access must be kept clear for farmers, residents and emergency services.

Our car parking page will help you to find a spot.

There are toilets at:

  • Haytor
  • Dartmeet
  • Postbridge
  • Meldon Reservoir
  • Shipley Bridge

Camping and overnight stays

If you are planning on camping please make sure you have booked in advance, campsites are very busy.

If you are planning on wild camping as part of your walk please see where you can and can't camp and remember that wild camping is carrying everything you need in a backpack and leaving no trace of where you have been. Our camping pages and camping map will provide you with further details.

Be prepared

Always check the weather forecast before you set off. Dartmoor is known for its changeable weather. It can rain quite a lot and the mist can descend very quickly, reducing visibility to the point you can get easily lost.

We advise you to bring with you a waterproof jacket, a warm layer of clothing, sturdy boots and an Ordnance Survey map of Dartmoor (OL28).

Safety advice for outdoor activities

Military live firing times

Check Dartmoor firing times

The northern part of Dartmoor is used by the military for its live firing practice. The Ministry of Defence has 3 range training areas, the boundaries are marked on the ground by a series of red and white posts.

The public has access to these moorland areas except when the ranges are in use for live firing. If you see a red flag flying by day or red lamps at night, do not enter the area as this means live firing is happening.

Please check the Dartmoor firing times guidance for details of live firing times and avoid the areas on those dates.

Love Moor Life when you visit

You can help to protect the wildlife and animals on Dartmoor by following the Ranger Code

Follow the Ranger Code

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