Community Planning

Community Led Plans

Community Led Planning is a collective term for the different types of plans that can be prepared by the community for their own area, often at parish level. It gives communities an opportunity to make things happen locally.

There is no requirement to prepare a plan of any sort but it can be a good way for your community to work together to recognise and realise shared aspirations and to drive actions to make your community a better place to live and work. 

Like all plans, community led plans need to be kept up to date and refreshed every 3 -5 years.  The preparation of the plan is only the first stage and most often it is the actions that stem from it that have the greatest community impact.

Neighbourhood Development Plans and Parish Plans are the most popular community-led planning approaches.  

Have a look at our Dartmoor Neighbourhood Plan Areas page to see which parishes on Dartmoor are pursuing a Neighbourhood Development Plan. 

What Next?

Our Neighbourhood Development Plans and Parish Plans pages have for more information on both approaches.  If your community is interested in pursuing a community led plan on Dartmoor contact Jo Rumble,  Communities Officer (