Planning policy

Planning policy

The Dartmoor Local Plan 2018 – 2036 contains the policies we use to determine planning applications in Dartmoor National Park.

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When making a decision on a planning application, we must also consider:

Our Local Plan and Guidance is supported by evidence and research.

Our Frequently Asked Questions answer common queries about planning policy, how it is used and the Forward Planning team's role.

New Climate Change Evidence

A consumption-based carbon footprint of the National Park provides new evidence of the carbon emissions embodied in resident and visitor activities on Dartmoor.

>  Dartmoor National Park Greenhouse Gas Assessment

Site Specific Plans

There are some areas in the National Park that have policies and plans tailored to individual sites and areas. Sometimes for these areas we require a Masterplan or Development Brief before a planning application is prepared. These are a "blueprint" for a site, giving everyone with an interest in it the opportunity to agree how it is developed. This might include, for example, how a site is accessed, what type of housing it should deliver, and where housing or other development would be within site.