Prospectus and Data

Prospectus and Data

What Makes the Dartmoor Economy

Dartmoor has a surprisingly diverse economy, alongside traditional agriculture and tourism it is also home to a strong creative sector and a growing number of IT and technical businesses. It has a large proportion of small businesses, with high levels of self-employment.

Look at the following research and reports to understand more about the Dartmoor economy.

The Dartmoor and Exmoor Economic Prospectus

Published in Autumn 2015 the prospectus demonstrates the pioneering role National Park Authorities have played to support rural economic development and further outlines investment opportunities that will help to deliver sustainable rural growth in the future.

Download the summary prospectus (PDF)

Download the full prospectus (PDF)

National Parks, National Assets

The National Parks, National Assets film (opens in new window) illustrates the importance of National Parks not just as iconic landscapes and part of our national identity, but as thriving rural economies contributing to national prosperity and wellbeing through their special qualities.

The film is informed by the 'Valuing National Parks' report  published by in May 2013 and commissioned by National Parks England. The report is packed with information and case studies showing how National Park Authorities support rural businesses, communities and economies.

Future Business Growth

The 2013 Economic Sectors research identified industry sectors that are important to Dartmoor and those that were expected to have potential for generating high growth for jobs and productivity in the future.

Read the Economic Sectors Outlook Report (PDF)

2014 Business Survey

The views of businesses on Dartmoor and in South Hams, Teignbridge and West Devon were gathered to help in gaining a better understanding of what they need in order to flourish.

Read the results of the business survey (PDF)

2016 Dartmoor Economic Profile

The 2016 Dartmoor Economic Profile (PDF) provides an overview of the Dartmoor Economy.