Dartmoor is a living, working landscape, shaped by its inhabitants both past and present. It is home to 34,000 people and has a strong culture of community action.

We recognise the valuable contribution that community and other similar groups make to maintaining and enhancing Dartmoor's special qualities and offer communities support both financially and practically be it through grants, advice or partnership working.

Dartmoor Community Support Network

Thanks to £10,000 from The Prince’s Countryside Fund, we will be able to bring organisations together and provide them with training and support so they can build stronger communities for the future.

We will do this by establishing a new Dartmoor Community Support Network.

The network will offer practical training, networking opportunities, events and professional support. It will link new community groups with established ones, promote local goods and services and give organisations more opportunities to identify new markets and share best practise.

It will also look at how the public, private and third sectors can work together in ways that benefit people who live and work on the moor.

If you're interested in joining the network email your details to

Dartmoor Acorn Profile

In May 2020 CACI released a selection of their geodemographic datasets (known as Acorn) to Local Authorities for use in recovery planning following the Covid-19 pandemic. Subsequently, DNPA have created an Acorn profile for Dartmoor National Park from these datasets. The profile will be used to help inform the Recovery Plan.

View the Dartmoor Acorn Profile

For more information on the datasets used, please visit the CACI website.

Local Plan Review

Greater Dartmoor Local Enterprise Action Fund (LEAF)

Neighbourhood planning