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Before submitting a Planning Application

Getting the right advice early can save you time, money and significantly improve your chances of gaining planning permission. You can obtain planning advice from an architect, planning consultant or our planning team.

You can also learn more about the planning process on our website by:

> reading our FAQs for answers to common planning questions

> reading our planning policies and planning guidance to familiarise yourself with policies relevant to your proposal

Submitting a Planning Application

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The Planning Portal is the UK's central planning website where you can find everything you need to submit a planning application, including forms, fees and guidance.

Please note - If you wish to send your application via the Planning Portal, please be aware that they do make a standard charge to electronically submit any application which attracts a normal planning fee.  Please refer to their website for details.

If you do not wish to submit your application through the Planning Portal, paper forms are available to download and submit.

Thinking of submitting a planning application?

If so take a look at our Planning Validation Guide to ensure you include everything we require to make the process as smooth as possible.

Don’t forget if you want pre-application advice on your ideas why not use our planning advice service or speak to one of our Planning Officers.

After submitting a Planning Application

We aim to make a decision on your planning application within 8 weeks or 13 weeks for a major application.

Sometimes the Authority may have to extend this period, for example if a lot of people are affected by the proposed development, it is very complicated or needs to be determined by the Development Management Committee. You will be notified of this in advance.

Development Management Committee

> View our upcoming Development Management Committee Meetings calendar

> View agendas, minutes and reports related to upcoming and previous Development Management Committees


If your planning application has been refused or has been approved with conditions you aren't happy with, you should always speak to us in the first case.  

It may be that an amended application with some changes will be acceptable, in which case you can use the Planning Portal to amend and resubmit your application in most cases for no additional cost.

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If, after discussing your case with us, you do not agree with the planning decision you have received you can appeal the decision online via the Planning Inspectorate's Appeals Portal.