Parish Plans

A parish plan often identifies the features and local characteristics people value, recognises local issues and opportunities and will describe the communities agreed vision for the future.  It should provide an action plan for the parish which, unlike neighbourhood planning, is not limited to spatial or land use planning but may address any community issue or aspiration. 

A parish plan does not have to follow a statutory process and can therefore be more flexible in its approach. However, a parish plan must still be produced in accordance with good practice, should be able to show evidence of wide community engagement, involvement and support and be endorsed by the relevant town or parish council.

While a parish plan does not form a local development plan document, it can still influence planning decisions on Dartmoor.  The Dartmoor Local Plan recognises the value of these community led plans and Policy DMD46 states that where a parish plan or village design statement has been well prepared and endorsed by the town or parish council, the relevant recommendations and/or action plans of such documents will be regarded as material considerations in the determination of local development proposals.

Further information on parish planning and other community led planning approaches can be found on the Devon Communities Together website.