Local Plan Review

The local plan sets out policies to guide future development in the National Park and is the starting point when we make a decision on planning applications. A lot has changed since we adopted our current local plan and we are now going through the process of reviewing it. The local plan will cover issues such as; house extensions, design, the environment, listed buildings, housing, business, farming, tourism, quarrying, and land for development.

Current Stage

We are nearing the end of the evidence gathering stage and have started writing the first draft of the Local Plan. In April we published a Newsletter and a 'quick guide' which summarises all Local Plan evidence.

In autumn/winter 2017 we met with our larger communities to talk about development site options. Thank you to everyone who came along, a summary report is here. These meetings were informed by evidence from our Land Availability Assessment which established a theoretical pool of sites which could, in technical terms, be developed. We have written a 'housing sites quick guide' to help explain the process we will follow for allocating a site for development, the guide identifies where there will be opportunities to comment further.

Issues Paper

The first consultation of the Local Plan Review in October 2016 offered residents, communities, visitors, businesses and other organisations an opportunity to tell us what issues their are for future development on Dartmoor and how the Local Plan should address these. The Issues Consultation Paper set out the likely issues the new local plan will need to deal with.

Issues Paper (October 2016)

We have published an Issues Consultation Report (April 2017) summarising the written responses received and the notes of meetings and drop in events held during the consultation period.

Find out more about the timetable for the Local Plan Review and how you can get involved.

Local Plan Newsletters

Newsletter 1 (October 2017)

Newsletter 2 (April 2018)

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