Local Plan

Local Plan

Planning applications are generally decided by using the planning policies within the current local plan. The new Local Plan was adopted on the 3 December 2021 and replaces the previous local plan documents. The new policies in this Plan are now relevant in deciding planning applications.

The local plan comprises the following adopted documents.

▼ Dartmoor Local Plan 2018 - 2036

The Local Plan sets out the vision, aims and policies for development in Dartmoor National Park.

Local Plan adopted cover

> Dartmoor Local Plan 2018-2036

> QUICK GUIDE: The adopted Local Plan (2018-2036)

> Notice of Adoption (3 December 2021)

SA/SEA Local Plan adoption statement (December 2021)

> Inspector's report (1 Nov 2021)

Inspector's Report, Main Modifications Appendix (1 Nov 2021)

▼ Policies Map

You can view the designations and policy areas of our local plan spatially using the policies map.

> Interactive Policies Map

PDF Policies Map

▼ Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

Supplementary planning documents (SPDs) are used to provide more information and guidance on how to apply the policies of the local plan. They include:

Design Guide

> Design Guide

Affordable Housing SPD

> Affordable Housing SPD

south ham sac

> South Hams SAC - HRA Guidance with respect to Greater Horseshoe Bats (2019)

Visit the local plan review page to find out more information on how we reviewed and adopted the Local Plan. You can also find the supporting background evidence base which sits behind the new Local Plan.

A final ‘designed’ version of the adopted Local Plan will be published in early 2022. If you have any queries regarding the Local Plan or would like to order a copy please contact: forwardplanning@dartmoor.gov.uk

You can view the old local plan documents on the old Local Plan page, however these documents have been superseded by the new Local Plan and are no longer used for deciding planning applications.