Chagford Masterplan

The parcel of land at Bretteville Field/Bellacouch Meadow in Chagford, has been discussed for many years as an area with development potential.  The area was identified in the 2009 Chagford Design Statement (external link, opens in new window), prepared by the community.

Taking this forward, Dartmoor National Park Authority identified an area of 3.7 hectares in its local plan for mixed use development including;
i) a public car park to include provision for coaches
ii) housing for the elderly, to meet identified local needs
iii) other housing, to include affordable housing to meet identified local needs, and
iv) and area of recreational open space for community use.
The Authority requires that development of this site is guided by a masterplan. 

CG Fry and Son Builders, and Blue Cedar Homes are working on proposals for the site.  The developers sought the support of The Prince's Foundation for Building Community in order to make sure they get the community's input to a masterplan for the site and are working with the National Park Authority, Chagford Parish Council, and the Chagford Community Trust to give local residents the chance to play an important part in the town's development.

Newsletter & events

Approved Masterplan 

The masterplan was approved by the National Park Authority at its meeting on the 4 April 2014.

The development process on this site

CHG2 will see one of the most comprehensive community engagement approaches we have seen to a single site in the National Park.  Development at this site should follow a process as follows:  

  • Masterplan initiation and scoping (complete March 2013)
  • Masterplan 'Enquiry by Design' workshops and public meetings (complete April 2013 - read about it in the Dartmoor Blog)
  • Publication of a report of workshops  by Prince's Foundation (5 mb) - large file - requires fast connection) (published June 2013)
  • Public consultation on the draft masterplan by the developers commenced with a public exhibition in the town at Endecott House on the 5 September 2013. The consultation period closed Thursday 3rd October 2013. You can view the display boards prepared by the developers for the exhibition and the Draft Masterplan plans and sketches (3.2 mb).
  • Consideration of consultation response and preparation of final masterplan. 
  • Submission of a final masterplan (7 mb) - please note this is a large file and requires a fast connection - an alternative version split into section is available below)
  • by the developers, for approval by the National Park Authority. The masterplan was approved by the National Park Authority at its meeting on the 4 April 2014.
  • Submission of a planning applications for development of the site, with further public consultation.  Applications for both sections of the site have been submitted and can be viewed online by using the reference numbers below:
    - Blue Cedar Home's application has been granted, reference number 0524/14
    - CG Fry's application has been submitted, reference number 0360/15

For more information on the Chagford Masterplan please contact Dan Janota (Forward Planning Manager) on 01626 832093 or email