How we make decisions

How we make decisions

As a local authority we work through a governance framework which brings together an underlying set of legislative requirements, governance principles and management processes.

The governance framework:

  • is made up of our systems and processes, cultures and values
  • makes sure that we are accountable to our users, stakeholders and the wider community
  • is the framework within which all our decisions are made.

Local Code of Corporate Governance

Standing Orders

Standing Orders regulate authority and committee proceedings, meetings and business.

Scheme of Delegation

This is the framework for decision-making and accountability for meetings of the full Authority; it contains details of the powers and responsibilities delegated to committees and officers.

Financial Regulations

Financial regulations provide a framework for managing our financial affairs and apply to every member and officer, and anyone acting on the authority’s behalf.


Our procurement decisions must be legal, ethical, and in accordance with our policies and procedures. We must also consider the impact on the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the communities within the Park.

Health & Safety Policy

We have an ongoing and determined commitment to improving health and safety at work throughout our organisation.

Reporting concerns

We want to protect the public funds we administer from fraud, and ensure that any irregularities are identified and addressed quickly. We have two policies which deal with our corruption and whistleblowing procedures.