Working with Film Companies

Dartmoor’s unspoilt landscape offers stunning locations for filming with wild expanses of open moorland, hilltops crowned by rugged and unusual rock formations known as Tors and valleys cut through by beautiful streams and rivers. Around the edge of the moorland lies a patchwork of fields with small settlements and isolated farmsteads. There are ancient woodlands and areas of forest plantation, reservoirs and the remains of human settlement dating back into prehistory.  The National Park has attracted countless television and film companies and we are happy to help by offering advice to help you find the right location for your requirements.

The majority of land in the National Park is in private ownership and film companies will need to obtain permission from individual landowners to film there. We can help by providing contact details for the relevant landowners.

If you do film in the National Park, you will be required to supply the National Park with a copy of your risk assessment and public liability insurance document for our records.

Drone filming

Whilst the public use of drones is not permitted in the National Park. Drones are becoming a frequently used alternative for film companies wishing to obtain aerial shots. Commercial users should have a formal UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) qualification accredited by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and operators must have the relevant permission from the landowner.

You will also need Public Liability Insurance and Aviation Insurance Liability cover. Evidence of these documents should be provided to Dartmoor National Park Authority. You may also be asked to provide us with your flight plans.

Any planned use of drones for filming should be discussed with us prior to filming.

(please note that some landowners have a blanket ban on drone filming).  

Our stunning locations

Dartmoor is full of stunning locations - providing the perfect setting for any genre. National Park owned land at Haytor and Combestone Tor/Holne Moor and our superb medieval longhouse, Higher Uppacott have provided superb locations for films from Steven Spielberg’s War Horse to Bollywood and psychological thrillers.


All landowners reserve the right to make a charge for filming on their land. Our fees and charges for filming are publicly available.  We may also make a charge for officer time when helping with larger more time consuming productions.  

The fee depends on the type of production and broadcaster. Usually, we will charge by the half day. If you need a member of our staff on location due to the nature of the production, we will ask for a fee for his/her time. We may also require a fee if staff time is used to search and recce a location.

We would also ask that wherever possible you help support our communities by using local contractors and buy locally sourced food when you are here.

Please email or telephone 01626 832093 to discuss your film requirements – we are here to help!