Byelaws Review

Byelaws Review

Work on byelaw review continues

On 3 September 2021 a report was taken to Authority seeking approval to launch a review of the current byelaws. At that meeting, Members approved the proposals, including a formal consultation with the public and stakeholders.

The six-week consultation, which closed in November 2021, attracted nearly 4,000 responses, which a team of National Park Officers have been carefully analysing.

We are committed to ensuring Dartmoor has an updated set of byelaws which are fit for purpose, seek a consistent approach where appropriate to do so, and help protect the National Park in years to come.

We are now carefully and methodically working through all of the responses received. This is time well spent and is critical to the decision-making process.

Further work will then be informed by impact and sustainability  assessments, evidence and legal advice. In view of this, we are not yet in a position to schedule a firm date for when proposals will go to Authority. We hope it will be this summer, but it is still too soon to know whether that is possible.

The current set of byelaws relating to access land on Dartmoor were adopted in 1989 and are therefore over 30 years old.

What changes are being proposed?

View a side-by-side comparison of the existing and proposed byelaws (PDF) or the full draft byelaws.

View the proposed changes to the camping map.

Find out which areas of land the byelaws apply to (PDF).

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