Byelaws Consultation

Byelaws Consultation

Dartmoor National Park Authority has agreed draft proposals to update and amend Dartmoor’s byelaws. A consultation is now open for you to comment on the proposed changes to the byelaws.

The byelaws are in place to protect the special qualities of Dartmoor National Park including its wildlife, habitats, cultural heritage, archaeology, and the livestock that graze the commons.

The current set of byelaws relating to access land on Dartmoor were adopted in 1989 and are therefore over 30 years old.

The review, agreed by Authority at its meeting held in public on 3 September, aims to ensure the byelaws are updated to be:

  • Relevant and proportionate for modern society
  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Cover the right activities and areas
  • Complement other powers and legislation.

What changes are being proposed?

View a side-by-side comparison of the existing and proposed byelaws (PDF) or the full draft byelaws.

View the proposed changes to the camping map.

Find out which areas of land the byelaws apply to (PDF).

How to comment

We understand that this is an important topic to many people, and we welcome your views.

The consultation will remain open for six weeks until 1 November 2021. After that the Authority will meet again to consider responses and agree appropriate changes. The revised byelaws will then be advertised in the press for a further six weeks and subject to any feedback they will then be sent to Defra for final confirmation.

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