Who are the Members?

The Authority has 19 Members:

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  • Five appointed by Devon County Council
  • Five appointed by the district councils:
    • Two from West Devon Borough Council
    • Two from Teignbridge District Council
    • One from South Hams District Council

The remaining nine Members are appointed by the Government.

  • Four are appointed to represent parish council interests – they are nominated by Dartmoor parish councils and approved by the Secretary of State (Defra).
  • Five are directly appointed by the Secretary of State (Defra) to represent the national interest and are usually local people who have a particular interest in the National Park.

What do Members do?

Members provide leadership and direction for the Authority, and ensure that we are efficient, effective and accountable. Members work with the Chair, the Chief Executive (National Park Officer) to discharge the functions of the Authority, and to steer our strategic direction so that we deliver benefits to local communities and to the nation.  Read the full Members' role description.

Register of Members' Interests

Members must register any interests they have which may cause conflict with their role. An interest is any matter - such as ownership of land or company, or membership of a group or club - which may influence their judgment. We keep a Register of Interests for all Members and co-opted members.

Declaration of Interest is a standing item on every meeting agenda. At this point Members must declare any relevant interest they have in any item of business on the agenda.

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Members’ Allowances

Members are unpaid for their work. They receive a small monthly allowance and can claim back travel and other expenses incurred on Authority business.

Member Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct aims to:

  • ensure that Members register and declare any personal or pecuniary interests they have in business of the Authority
  • promote high standards of ethical behaviour
  • prevent maladministration.

Becoming a Member

When a vacancy occurs for a Member appointed by the Secretary of State (Defra) these are publicly advertised alongside our job vacancies

Other positions are filled by people who are already elected Members for local authorities and parish councils in Devon.

Independent Persons

Independent Persons are people appointed to promote and encourage high standards of conduct by Members and to oversee the Member Code of Conduct. Independent Persons are invited to attend all meetings of the Authority to observe proceedings.

The Authority has appointed Catherine Shewan and Corinne Farrell as Independent Persons to provide an impartial voice to issues relating to complaints about a Member of the Authority. Specifically the views of the Independent Person must be sought, and taken into account, by the Authority before it makes a decision or takes any action relating to Member conduct.