Calendar of Meetings

Meetings of the Authority, its Development Management Committee and Audit and Governance Committee will be held on the dates and at the times shown below. The Development Management Committee will continue until all business is dealt with, which means that you may have a wait if you are attending any meeting that follows.

Meetings of the Standards Sub-Committee will take place in May and November each year, commencing when the meeting of the Audit and Governance Committee finishes.

All starred meetings are open to the public. Find out more about taking part in our meetings.

30 April 2021Authority Meeting (10.00am)Video Conference
14 May 2021Development Management Committee* (10.00am)CANCELLED
28 May 2021Audit and Governance Committee* (9.30am)Parke
28 May 2021Standards Sub-Committee Meeting* (on rising of A&G Committee)Parke
9 June 2021Team Dartmoor DayPOSTPONED
18 June 2021Park Management Working Panel All Day TourOn Site
25 June 2021Development Management Committee (10.00am)Parke
2 July 2021Site Inspection (if needed)On Site
7 July 2021National Park Forum (2.00pm)Parke
9 July 2021Annual MeetingParke
9 July 2021Authority Meeting (on the rising of Annual Meeting)Parke
30 July 2021Development Management Committee* (10.00am)Parke
30 July 2021Authority Meeting* (on rising of DM Committee)Parke
TBASite Inspection (if needed)On Site
3 September 2021Development Management Committee* (10.00am)Parke
3 September 2021Authority Meeting* (on rising of DM Committee)Parke
10 September 2021Annual Member WorkshopParke
17 September 2021Site Inspection (if needed)On Site
24 September 2021Planning and Sustainable Development Working PanelParke
1 October 2021Development Management Committee* (10.00am)Parke
1 October 2021 Authority Meeting* (on rising of DM Committee)Parke
8 October 2021Park Management Working PanelParke
12 October 2021Joint Exmoor/Dartmoor Member DayDartmoor
15 October 2021Site Inspection (if needed)On Site
5 November 2021Development Management Committee* (10.00am)Parke
5 November 2021Audit and Governance Committee* (on rising of DM Committee)Parke
5 November 2021Standards Sub-Committee* (on rising of A&G Committee)Parke
19 November 2021National Park Forum (2.00pm)Parke
19 November 2021Site Inspection (if needed)On Site
3 December 2021Development Management Committee* (10.00am)Parke
3 December 2021Authority Meeting* (on rising of DM Committee)Parke
10 December 2021Planning and Sustainable Development Working PanelParke
17 December 2021Site Inspection (if needed)On Site