Doing business with us

Becoming a supplier or contractor

To become a supplier or contractor you will need to complete some forms and give us some information about your company. You will normally be asked to provide a quote for the work before an order can be placed and you may be asked to take part in an invitation to tender process.

We will usually need:

  • basic company details
  • financial information, including accounts
  • details of your insurance cover
  • health and safety practices
  • business and management structure
  • resources and staff training
  • environmental issues policy
  • equality policy
  • references.

If you’re interested in becoming a supplier email to request a contractor vetting form.

Contract opportunities

We advertise contract opportunities over £5,000 on our website. We sometimes advertise in local newspapers and in trade journals. Contracts over the EU threshold are also published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

View current contracts and tenders

We also work in partnership with the Devon Procurement Partnership and other agencies. Contract opportunities are shown on the Supplying the Southwest procurement portal.

Sustainable procurement policy

This policy sets out our principles when procuring goods and services. It states our ethos and values and shows that we want to work with suppliers who share our ambitions.

Procurement procedures

These procedures ensure that our procurement process is robust, effective, transparent and in accordance with recognised good practice. The issue of all purchase orders and the award of all tenders are subject to these procedures, together with our Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Financial Procedures.

Contract management

Once a contract has been awarded, the supplier must ensure that the quality and performance stated in the tender documents are maintained throughout. Dartmoor officers administering the contract will be notified of any instances when performance does not meet the required levels. This will feed into the contract review process and we will take action to remedy the situation.

How we pay our suppliers

We prefer to pay by BACS as the payment goes directly into the supplier’s bank account and remittance advice is provided by email.

Payment terms are normally set out in the contract documents; they may be by stage payments, annual, quarterly or monthly payments, payment on completion, or payment per purchase order.

We will make payment within 30 days of receiving an invoice which quotes the correct purchase order number, unless otherwise agreed. Payment within three to five days is possible in certain circumstances.