Ashburton Masterplan

This site at Ashburton is identified in the Local Plan (Proposal ASH2, below), as a 3.5 hectare site for mixed use redevelopment including housing, commercial and employment uses and a public car park. 

18 months into the project DNPA was approached to make significant changes to the Masterplan in order to bring the railway branchline, lost beneath the A38 dual carriageway, back to the station at Chuley Road. DNPA allowed time for this to be considered, however, at the time, the evidence to support this alternative proposal was weak, and the decision was made to proceed with the Masterplan in its original form. Following the approval of the Masterplan the threat of a legal challenge on a technicality forced DNPA to withdraw the approved Masterplan and review again its position. Since this time DNPA has carefully considered how best to move forward. A planning application on the site has revealed flood work requirements beyond that originally anticipated; furthermore DNPA is keen that a discussion around a railway option is based upon evidence, so that the community can clearly understand what it would mean, before a decision is made.  

DNPA Members considered a Report to the Meeting of the National Park Authority in April 2016 and another Report in May 2017, and the decision was made that we should cease work on the Masterplan itself.  Our work on the Local Plan Review has now overtaken the Masterplan, and that is now considered the most appropriate place to discuss with the community what we want to achieve with the site.  Also it is not considered reasonable to further hold back planning applications on the site. Any applications which come in should be judged against the allocation in the local plan, which sets guideline for development of the site.

A significant amount of the evidence prepared to support the Masterplan (below) is still relevant, however the draft Masterplan should not form part of that decision making process. Anyone wishing to bring forward an application on the site will be encouraged to discuss proposals with the community in advance of submitting any application, and the community will have the opportunity to comment through the formal consultation period. 

It would be of benefit to the discussion if evidence which investigates the feasibility of railway reinstatement were to come forward.  This would enable the community to consider this subject on the basis of whether it supports the railway idea, rather than debating whether it is technically achievable.  

An outline planning application has been received for the Former Outdoor Experience Site, Chuley Road, Ashburton you can view and comment on the application here using the planning reference: 0439/17

Background reports and information