Challenge 11: Walk in the rain

Challenge 11: Walk in the rain

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Points available: 2

About the challenge

Have you ever looked out of the window and thought it’s bad weather, it’s too wet to go for a walk? Well, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.

Grab your wellies, put your wet weather clothes on, and go for a short walk in the rain to explore your local woods or wild place. Go with friends or family, find the puddles, make a splash, and have some fun.

Helpful tips

Depending on what outdoor gear you've got don't stay out too long. When you get back home make yourself nice and cosy and treat yourself to a warm drink.

More information

The rain has shaped Dartmoor. It supplies the bogs and mires which act like a giant sponge. Our Oak woods thrive in the warm damp conditions creating our own rainforest filled with rare mosses and lichens. It fills our rivers which are rich in wildlife like otters and the salmon and trout which return each year to breed here.

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