Dartmoor doesn’t just have places, it has special places. These are places that are set apart from the ordinary or the mundane. This could be due to their history, their setting, their offer or often due to all of this and more.

Start your journey in one of Dartmoor’s towns and villages and discover what makes them so special. Maybe it’s because they’re a market town, a Medieval Stannary town or just a great place to start a walk or ride from.  What you can be sure of is the welcome and the quality of the food and drink.

Venturing further up on to the Moor, come and discover those places that are far more than just a National Park Visitor Centre. With a wealth of natural and built beauty, opportunities for short or long walks and things to do for people of all ages, they make great bases to explore Dartmoor.

Too many places to go and not enough time?

Top 10 Wildlife Places

Dartmoor's ancient woodlands, deep river valleys and magnificent mires are home to some rare and special wildlife.

Discover wild places

Top 10 Archaeological Sites

Travel through industrial landscapes, medieval settlements, all the way back to the earliest Neolithic monuments.

Explore the past