Organising a recreational event

Organising a recreational event

This guidance and notification procedure is for anyone wishing to hold an organised large scale recreation event within Dartmoor National Park. The guidance covers running, cycling, walking, horse riding and orienteering events, including charity fundraising and commercially organised events.

National Parks are very special places designated for their great natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage. As an Authority we also recognise the positive benefits that organised recreation and challenge events bring to those taking part in the events and contribution this can make to the local economy. The majority of the land within Dartmoor National Park is in private ownership, so liaising with farmers and landowners is an important part of the event planning process.

Please contact us at an early stage if you are planning an event that is likely to involve more than:

  • 50 people on foot
  • 30 cyclists
  • 30 horse riders

How to submit your event

Before submitting your event

Download and carefully read our events policy. Use the checklist provided to guide you through the event notification process.

Recreational Events Policy (PDF)

To notify us of your event follow the steps below:

  1. Read our guidance for event organisers.
  2. Fill out the Event Notification Form (Word) as fully as possible and email to
  3. Submit your event map(s), detailing any checkpoints, using the Event Mapping Tool (opens in new window). If your event has more than one route please submit each of these separately. We will link your event notification form and maps once both have been received.
  4. You will receive an email to inform you that your event details have been received and sent out for consultation.


After submitting your event notification form, the details of your event will be reviewed by specialists within the National Park Authority including Recreation, Ecology and Archaeology officers and by the relevant National Park Rangers. Details will also be sent to major landowners and Dartmoor commoners for their views.

We will advise you of any concerns raised from the consultation and work with you to resolve them.

At the end of the consultation we will send a letter to you outlining our decision on whether the National Park Authority is able to support your event going ahead. In some cases, we may support your event with conditions attached. We will also notify relevant consultees of our decision and any conditions to be adhered to.

After your event

Let us know what went well and any issues/concerns you had about the event by filling in an Event Feedback Form (Word)