Horse riding

Horse riding

Horse riding on the open moor is an exhilarating experience and gives a totally different perspective than walking.

There are several riding stables on Dartmoor and details of these can be found in the Enjoy Dartmoor magazine, or through Visit Dartmoor , which also includes accommodation where you can stable your own horse.

You can ride out on the open moor (provided that it is common land), trot along woodland trails and bridleways, or follow historic byways linking towns and villages.  To help you decide, Dartmoor can be divided into three areas:

The South-East Quarter

One of the best places to start for those new to Dartmoor as it offers the ‘easiest’ riding in terms of gentle slopes, valleys and accessible moorland. The scenery is wonderful, with good accommodation and refreshments available locally.

The South-West Quarter

High moorland and a favourite with experienced riders. Plan your journey around the edge as the centre is blanket bog, which it is essential to avoid.

The Northern Half

Wild and spectacular, but only the most experienced riders should consider “going it alone” in this area, as many parts are inaccessible and the central part is a large bog. The Ministry of Defence also uses this area for training, so you will need to check the live firing times for the Dartmoor Ranges before you visit.

Visit Ride Dartmoor for comprehensive information on horse riding on Dartmoor.

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