A wide range of the more common mammals are to be found across the National Park, but it is most important for the otter, hazel dormouse and several nationally rare bat species.

Otters occur throughout all the main rivers running off Dartmoor and even use the high moorland to cross between catchments or feed on spawning frogs.

The thick hedgebanks, scrubby areas and wooded valleys provide excellent habitat for dormice, particularly along the northern and eastern edges of the moorland.

Nearly all of the UK's 16 bat species have been recorded on Dartmoor, due to the good connectivity of the wildlife habitats they require. However, it is especially important for colonies of three rare species, the barbastelle, and the greater and lesser horseshoe bats.

Dartmoor National Park works in partnership with Devon Mammal Group, Mammal Society and Bat Conservation Trust

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